St. Caths spine appointment 

This morning was Oliver’s scan.

For those who aren’t aware, Oliver has a dimple at the base of his back with a tuft of dark hair. This is often linked to spina bifida.

It had been noticed from day one but they didn’t have any concerns. Then at his last hospital appointment the Dr decided that it would be best to ‘just check’. So we’ve had a bit of a worrying wait. Not that it would matter to us if it was spina bifida but I think it’s fair to say that we already have our share of worries and potential problems for the future.

If there is a god, it surely wouldn’t throw something else in the mix to test us?

Well there must be, the results came back all clear.

Nothing unusual found and the lady who did the ultrasound reassured us that her girls both have a dimple and it’s nothing to worry about, just the way he’s built.

2017 is already starting off well, let’s hope it continues!

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