A positive 2017

2016 was a year that I’ve heard so many people have been disappointed with and can’t wait to start the following year.
A year is what you make of it and how you reflect on it at the end of the year is a represention of your mind set. Some would look at how many scans we had, the worry, the hospital stay, the hospital visits as a negative experience. Not from my point of view. I’ve got a healthy baby boy at home, this far out weighs all of those things.

I don’t believe that anyone sticks to New Years resolutions and it’s a way for people to trick themselves into thinking that ‘this year will be their year’ so I’ve decided that everyone needs more positivity in them, so I plan on writing something that’s made me happy, smile, thankful or cheered me up that week for every week of the year.

~I realise that this may be optimistic but I think I’ll be able to get the majority in~

Feel free from time to time to check in and see what is making my day. Maybe it’s you? Something you’ve done or something that you can relate to. Maybe you’ve witnessed it and maybe you’ve been with me while it’s happened and not even realised that something so small can mean so much.


1st-7th first week on my own since having Oliver and it’s Mike that I’m grateful for. We’ve had an appointment tues, wed and thursday so I’ve been out of routine and knackered because of it. He’s helped as soon as he’s got home from a full day of work. He’s kept me sane!

8th-14th chocolate! The dog shredded three nappies that I forgot to take out to the bin. The smell and mess when I got back was horrific. Without chocolate this week would have been awful. I think for some women it would have been wine but I’m not a big drinker so chocolates my saviour

15th-21st people listening. This has been important to me this week after a few wobbles and general upset. Sometimes you don’t need anyone to give advice, just to listen to what you’re saying

22nd-29th being part of a supportive community. Meeting with a pws family has massively helped me, it turned what was a hard week into a much more positive feeling. This was the boost that I needed, it’s fuelled my fire and I feel back on track


30th-5th people listening has made it up here again. I know that in future when others have problems I will just listen and only advise when they ask for it

6th-12th taking your time. Just having time to do things….or do nothing. After a busy week we had a much needed slower paced weekend

13th-19th friends- friends that accept you for who you are at this point in time. Friends that pick you up, dust you off and get you walking again….even if it is in a wobbly fashion

20th-26th My health visitor. For asking that question that unlocked everything that was bottled up. That release of emotion from feelings I had either suppressed or decided not to deal with definitely needed to come out.


27th-5th pancakes, simple things that we take for granted! Next year there will be very different pancakes and fillings that’s for sure!

6th-12th other PWS families. We met with Catherine and Wills again and it reinforced how bright Olivers future is, Wills is walking about now, a little wobbly but he’s getting there. He’s such a happy little fella 🙂

13th -19th this was a bad week and I will be completely honest and say that after two cancelled appointments (by them not us) I’ve struggled to find anything positive, however, a PWS charity night has put us in touch with more families and it was great to get out of the house with everyone for the night….even if we did end up with a stay over in hospital

20th-26th honesty – probably not great for other people but my ability to be brutally honest when I needed to felt great especially when it was received so well


27th-2nd having a book to read and escape to – pretty much does what it says on the tin this

3rd-9th nights out. Sometimes a few hours to yourself and away from the house are exactly what you need

10th-16th supportive family. Not a single chocolate came to Oliver, all Easter gifts were supportive and none food based 

17th-23rd my health visitor. Probably the only person that I’m able to speak to openly

24th-30th other families, we’ve met up with Catherine and wills again and he’s showing us again how well we can expect Oliver to do. He’s our inspiration 

I’ve managed to miss two, nearly three months just enjoying life. 


Progress. I’m thankful for progress. Personally and with Oliver. Having sudden jumps of movement and ability have shocked us and made us proud. Getting some help with anxiety issues have settled me and I know that I have coping methods for when things get bad again

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