Inchstones are like buses

It would appear that we’re going through some kind of developmental leap.

In the past week we’ve learnt (this is the royal we, so it’s all Oliver) to roll from our stomach to our back, how to shift ourself forward and how to copy some sounds.

We had met a bit of a plateaux and for a little while we were just plodding along and we were perfectly happy with that as it’s only what we have expected.

We very quickly mastered getting from our back to our front, the first time it happened was a Saturday and he looked genuinely shocked that he could see the world the correct way round again, by the end of the Sunday that was it! We were a pro, we managed to get from front to back to front again. We have MASTERED the roll, this comes with new problems and means that he’s now pushing himself to try and do different things…it looks like he may want to crawl but hasn’t quite mastered that technique just yet. I don’t doubt that it will happen soon and then I will have to keep my eyes on him constantly.

A new fun game of rock the bouncer has started, this adding a new stress as he can’t be put anywhere without the ability to get away/hurt himself. his stomach muscles have improved so much that he can lift himself forward to lean over to grab his toes in the bouncer. Our bouncer is a chair that goes from birth through to about 2 or 3 years old so doesn’t sit in the same way as a standard bouncer, its more than likely going to tip itself up on him if he leans too far over.

Our fancy new Breezi highchair has arrived and has given us the ability to start putting food out for him to feed himself. This has brought him on so much, it’s helped his core strength, his confidence feeding himself and also his mini person attitude. I am no longer needed for feeding, or at least, that’s what he thinks. We now have strops because I have hold of the spoon and not him. On Sunday he had his very first roast dinner, he seems to like it! He was keen on chewing away on his chicken and having some of his sweet potato mash, he wasn’t so keen on dad trying to help and dad trying to stop him throwing his plate and food across the room.  He is becoming a diva

We’ve recently started nursery, only two days but just enough to introduce him to socialising and watch other children in the hope that he will want to copy what they are doing. He seems to have been a bit of a hit and has the other kids around him when I pick him up so something is going right, probably the most heart breaking thing about it was that he went there without a tear or even the bat of an eyelid to me leaving. it’s lovely that it wasn’t hard work and he wasn’t distressed but still I thought he’d at least not want me to go!

Our newest fun thing to do is copy/respond to people. We can now copy the mmmmmmm sound. That’s his favourite noise and comes out on various lengths depending on how you’re talking to him. It’s amusing as I think he understands what we are saying, or at the very least that we need a response so hmm comes out. Our brand new all time favourite is telling him no, no, no and shaking our head and him copying.

This boy is going to be an absolute character!

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