All I want for Christmas….

Good old Mariah Carey, what’s Christmas without that being belted our after a drink or twooooooooohoooooo?!

Well if you’d asked me what I wanted for Christmas it’s pretty much the same as last year. Growth hormone. Not for me, for Oliver.

This year I must have been extra good and I’ve ended up top of the nice list as we’ve managed to get it just before Christmas. We’ve just done his first injection this afternoon.

For those who aren’t a pws family, so don’t know what growth hormone is needed for, it’s needed for everything. His growth (hint in the name there 😉) but not just physical growth that you can see in length and waist size, it’s muscle tone and the most important thing for us is helping his cognitive development.

We know that even without growth hormone we will crawl eventually, we will walk eventually and catch up with everyone, eventually. Growth hormone can help Olivers IQ. It’s a spectrum condition and he could sit anywhere along it for every different aspect but for us getting him to a position where he can understand what is going on with him, it has the potential to make everything that little bit easier.

We’ve noticed a few new tricks over the past few weeks. Waving hello and goodbye (this takes a little bit of coaxing) but ask him to clap for you and he’ll go for it. He’s also started dancing. I think this has been nurseries favourite thing that’s happened. Last week I sat with Karen dancing on the floor to Christmas carols before we left nursery to go home. This boy has rhythm and music makes him so happy.

What else makes him happy?! Snow of course!

….. and this red liquid worm thing!

From all of the Edmond-Jones household. Merry Christmas everyone

One thought on “All I want for Christmas….

  1. Amazing news Beckie and mike xxx you are brilliant parents and Oliver is a little star xxx have a fab Christmas and hopefully we can meet up with Sophie Alex and Sebastian xxxx💙💙💙


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