1st visit to Alder Hey Hospital 

So today we went to Alder Hey for the first time, we expect that we will be going for visits here regularly.

Today’s visit was regarding Oliver’s testes. When he was born it was noticed by the midwives that they hadn’t descended and after a visit down to the high dependency unit they arranged a scan. At first we were told that he may not have any, after they felt around and couldn’t feel anything. The scan showed that he did indeed have them (phew!) but they were tucked up pretty high. So they arranged a referral to Alder Hey as they said he may need an operation to bring them down.

So we arrived at Alder Hey, a little apprehensive, as the last thing we wanted to hear was that he needed to have an operation. After a relatively short wait we went in to see the consultant. Explained that he had prader willi, as this hadn’t been passed over in the referral as it happened before the diagnosis. He then understood why the testes were undescended and when we explained they had to scan to find them he told us that it would potentially be two or three ops.

We popped Oliver on the table so that he could have little feel to check for any movement, low and behold they’ve moved!! They’ve started to drop down and aren’t that far away from come down in his little empty pouch! We’ve been told to come back in six months to reassess where they are and what may need doing but we have our fingers crossed that they will pop down into place and we won’t need an Op.

Oliver 1 – 0 prader willi