Prader willi awareness month

So May was prader willi awareness month which I intended on hitting full force…and well this fell on its arse a little

But I’m ok with that

First the first time in months and months I’ve been able to lift my head and just get on with family life. We’ve had appointments and what not still but I’ve been able to just enjoy the three of us. It’s crazy to think that in the 19 months Oliver’s been around this is the first time this has actually happened but I’m in a good place!


Positives that we can share that have happened. We can now pull ourselves up. It’s a completely unconventional way but that’s how we roll in our house! Why do everything the ‘normal’ way…that’s boring!

We now have the fastest commando crawler I’ve come across. Getting from the play room to the kitchen in the blink of an eye. We can finally sit ourselves up unaided (I genuinely never even realised this had happened until I started noticing him sat up everywhere and spied on him)

We are starting to sign and gesture way more. This is making life so much easier for us. I don’t know what we’d do without the signing (well I do, we’d have a much more agitated child)

My personal favourite- arms up and grabby hands because he wants to be picked up. However this has also caused some heart ache as he will also go to anyone, and I mean anyone. He will throw his arms up to be cuddled by people he’s never even met, we will have to keep on with the stranger danger chat 😉

He dishes out kisses now. Especially to cuddly toys and it’s so cute. He loves to cuddle and he knows when he wants to cuddle and there’s no escaping (another favourite of mine)

A shout out to those who embraced go orange on the 25th with very very short notice, I didn’t get sent photos from everyone, some where snapchats but it never fails to remind me how far from alone we are in everything that is going on. The improvisation from some people made me howl. Oliver doesn’t have just Mike, myself and Roo as cheerleaders…he has our family and friends right there with us! We wouldn’t be as on top of things as we are without you

See you next year awareness month! Next time there will be much more awareness spread

The ‘my child’s a genius’ moment

Now I’m sure you can guess by the title that I’ve hit into a stage where he’s started doing new things very rapidly.

I don’t know whether I had low expectations for what Oliver would do and when or I just abandoned expectations and took things as they’ve come and all of a sudden so many things are happening that I’ve had a wide eyed moment and thought ‘shit my child’s a genius’

Don’t get me wrong I don’t think he’s going to ever astonish people with his IQ and I can clearly see that he’s doing things that all other children are doing….but he’s my child and I made him (with a bit of help from Mike) and he’s doing so many new things that he’s constantly amazes me. No one tells you when you have a child much other than ‘it’s the most amazing thing’, ‘you’ve never know a love like it’ and ‘it’s hard’. I’m sure every mum has that moment where they look and go ‘bloody hell look at what you can do! I’ve only shown you that once and now you’ve mastered it’

Photos now take a couple of takes …

Olivers brain seems to have had more ‘sponge power’ since he’s started growth hormone. He’s grown, he’s put weight on, he’s much more vocal and now he’s ‘doing things’. He’s not walking, he’s only just (by the skin of his teeth) commando crawling. He is, however, the fastest roller in nursery and is now solving little puzzles like his lock a block and his ball tube without any problem. My new favourite is blowing a kiss, he can’t blow a kiss and what he does is comparable to a nazi salute or someone acting out taking their hat off to greet you good day BUT I know exactly what it means and now you do too! This is my favourite part of having a child, being able to look at him and know exactly what he’s after, when he’s not right. It is by far the most amazing skill (other than patience) that he’s taught me. I didn’t think it’d be him teaching me.

He is the happiest little soul and I’ve now been informed that all visitors to the nursery have to give him a high five when they come in the room, he also loves to dance with Karen and the girls. Portage was even impressed when we started with a language bag and he managed to get all animals bar the sheep correct on the first go. He has amazing concentration and has a keen eye for where you’re hiding things and picks things up so quickly that mummy and daddy need to start watching what they say just in case!

There isn’t really much purpose to this post other than to boast about how well we’re doing, I don’t think it’s the ‘norm’ to be as excited by ‘where’s your head?’ Or ‘can you point at the piggy for me please’ as we are but our norm is different to everyone else’s

For the parents of all children out there, especially the ones who develop a little more in their own time rather than the doctors and health visitors schedule, enjoy every moment as I’m already starting to realise that time is going far far too fast and I wish I could slow it down!

Often referred to as the ‘beginning of the end’ this is Olivers first forward movement. We’ve waited a lot longer than other people to get to this point….I may regret it at a later date but I say bring on the end!